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What can I do about itchy skin in pregnancy? I'm 22 weeks gone and this is my 6th pregnancy......?

....(3 failed pregnancies and I have 2 children) This pregnancy is totally different to my others and I'm finding this one quite difficult. The main problem I'm having is with itchy skin - it's driving me insane!!

My skin is not dry and I moisturise as normal but I still feel itchy and have been scratching so hard sometimes that I bleed.

I have spoked to the doctor and the midwife who have told me to shower without using soap or shower gel and not to use cream or oils as these may aggrevate my skin more. I've tried everything.

I've tried using creams/oil, not using cream/oils, changed my washing powder to Fairy, only wear loose fitting cotton clothes, drink loads of water. I'm at my wits end cos I itch day and night and it doesn't seem to get any easier at any time.

I understand that the hormones make your body do funny stuff in pregnancy but there must be something I can do. I thought it would stop around 12/13 weeks, but it hasn't. Has anyone any suggestions?

What can I do about itchy skin in pregnancy? I'm 22 weeks gone and this is my 6th pregnancy......?
Girl I feel your pain!!!!!!!!

I have been SO itchy for about the past 10 weeks! It's making me insane. It actually keeps me up at night sometimes.

I keep lotioning myself to with no success of relief!

It's not just my abdomen, it's everywhere.... my legs, armpits, ankles, back, sides, breasts, tummy, neck, shoulder... EVERYWHERE!!!

I'm 38 weeks along and I've gained 15 lbs with the pregnancy so it's not like my entire body is stretching out of control, only my belly and breast have gotten bigger, no swelling, etc.

If you find a solution I have GOT to know!!!!!!!! I've tried the palmers and it has not helped at all :-(

Maybe we should both wear some mittens, LOL.
Reply:Palmers is good...anythign with cocoa or shae butter!!!
Reply:Read this:
Reply:The only thing that I can think of is to make sure that everything related to your skin is scentless. For some reasons the things companies use to make products smell good are common skin irritants. That means go for hypo-allergenic lotions that are scent free, as well as soaps and body washes. You should also try changing your laundry detergent, as many of these can be very allergenic. About 30% of the world can't use half of the detergents out there, and I don't know what you use but Tide is the most common to cause skin irritations. I personally use All Small %26amp; Mighty because it is inexpensive. The kind that comes in a white bottle is scentless and designed to help pull common allergens out of your clothes.

I hope this helps. I know it stinks that pregnancy can change the silliest things about your body. Good luck!
Reply:it sounds like a result of the skin stretching... hmm maybe try some vitamin e oil or shea/cocoa butter
Reply:I know how you guys feel i went through the same thing and i found that eucerin cream or citaphil or any kind of excema cream works well for the itching also talk to your doctor or mid-wife and see if some benadryl would be ok to take my doctor actually prescribed me zyrtec and it worked great i was prenant with twins and they are 5 months old now and healthy they had no side effects and were born 6.12 and 6.7 at 36 weeks along good luck
Reply:I would die if I couldn't use oils or creams on my skin! This is going to sound strange, but what about olive oil (you might smell like an olive, but there should be no allergic reaction)? I also use Clarins stretch mark cream on my stomach. It's a godsend. (I'm just itching thinking about not putting cream on my skin LOL This winter cold has really dried out my skin.)

Make sure you're eating enough fat (good fats, not bad). I add linseed to my morning yogurt and try eating daily a salad with olive oil or safflower oil as a dressing. I always try to eat a pat of butter a day too. I eat lots of nuts - walnuts, almonds, peanuts (unsalted).

Perhaps try a humidifier in your home to combat dryness.

Good luck.
Reply:i was itchy for about 3 months into my pregnancy. I started using lotion called Nivea and it really helped me. I think using a coco butter stick or lotion will help. Some people it helps and some it doesnt so dont count on the things that i told u to use. Sorry for the pain. i know exactly what u r talking about
Reply:I would ask your Dr about it next time you go in. Some people have kidney problems (I think) during pregnancy and it can be harmful. If it is not normal itching from dry skin I would be concerned.
Reply:try talking to your doctor/midwife again as itching can be a sign of pre-eclampsia so best to get checked out.
Reply:I had exactly the same thing. So uncomfortable. A friend recommended Bio Oil to me. I know you have said you've tried creams and oils, but not sure if you've tried this one. It really helped and double bonus I got no stretch marks. It is expensive, but it stopped me trying to tear my skin off. The odd day I didn't use it, I was scratching all day.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and good luck. x
Reply:have you had liver function blood tests. the reason i ask this is because with my last 2 pregnancies i had very itchy skin but is was the palms of my hands, soles of my feet, chest area and i had blood tests which showed i had obstetric cholestasis which affects yoyr liver, i also had orange wee and was very unwell especially with my last baby. you need to ask your midwife about this and get a blood tets to check because it can cause complecation with the baby in late pregnancy. if you do have this condition it is controlled with medication and regular scans for the baby. if test is negative and you are still very itchy ask for another every 4 weeks as in mid pregnancy symptoms are present before blood reults rise and with me i was developing signs at around 24-26 weeks but my results didnt show until i was 32 weeks. good luck and try aqueous oil from drs
Reply:I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my 1st and I had the same problem or really itchy skin on my tummy and my legs and I use a cream from superdrug and its just vitamin e cream and its really good and always soothes my skin..also you could dry e45 thats good for dry skin conditions...wear cotton tops so if you sweat you won't get itchy and get a rash....good luck x


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