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Did any anyone have itchy vagina skin and no infection durning pregnancy?

ive been to the doctor many times for this ,i dont have an infection ot std i just got really itchy vagina skin ,when im at home it itchy alot more ,when i go to places its like it is itchy less,its been happening since the day my whole pregnacy and im 15 weeks already ,what is wrong ,it bothers me ,im trying that vagisal cream it works alittle bit....

Did any anyone have itchy vagina skin and no infection durning pregnancy?
try to wear cotton undies

or change detergent ur skin might be extra sensitive even if it wasent b4

Dry, itchy painful skin underneath nose...?

I have been blowing my nose frequently due to the weather and the fact that I have a cold. The frequent nose blowing has caused the skin underneath my nose to be itchy and painful. Is there anything I can do to help and make it feel better??

Any tips would be useful...

Dry, itchy painful skin underneath nose...?
after you wash your face pat gently with soft towel and put a thick coat of" vaseline"it is best right before you go to bed other lotions might sting . Trust me .....years of experience

well first

always buy 2 ply tissues and dont tonch it too much and i usully put tiny tiny bit of lotion and i take medcine for the cold and it helps stop blwoing your nose ferquly because it stope stuffy nose and runny nose and the medince is Robtisson (i dont think i spelled it right but its close) they have a alot a medicne and helps too
Reply:use moisturizer, worked for me - i had the same thing a few weeks ago
Reply:yah i'm thinking you got toe rott or scabies get it checked Quick to!


Rash now itchy dry skin?

I had a itchy red rash on the lower part of my legs. It is about gone. I used rubbing alchol on them to relieve the itch. could it of dried out my skin and that is why I'm still itchy? I have tried everything to relieve the itch. Not getting much sleep at night because of the itch.

Rash now itchy dry skin?
Lay off the rubbing alcohol...this is a drying agent. Next time try a hydrocortisone cream for the rash. This relieves the itching and helps clear up the rash. Try Sarna, Aveeno skin relief moisturizing lotion, gold bond lotion. These lotions help relieve the itch and moisturize. Good luck!
Reply:i would think alcohol could have dried your skin. you should try hydrocortisone cream. it's very good for rashes and bumps. and very safe. my husband uses it after shaving to prevent bumps and irritation.
Reply:The rubbing alcohol dried out your skin which is why it is still itchy. A good lotion and a couple of days should relieve your itch. It this persists, see a doctor, itchy skin could be a sign of restless leg syndrome.
Reply:Dry skin always so irritating...I hate it so much...I suggest you try using Zenmend Derma Lotion from Zenmed or Autopalm from

Zenmed has no side effects and it's non-irritant to the

skin. It's proven to works fast and it povides Maximum

results! It's certainly a good lotion to prevent further


Another product that I think is effective is Atopalm. This dry skin mlm is one of the best seller at now. ( holds more than 10,000 skin care products) It's pretty effective, and worth the dollar paid out.

Itchy irrating skin on face!!! help??!!?

ok, im a guy and im 19 years old. i have sensitive skin. on my face, everyday it always get itchy and irrating, especially near my sideburns, and cheeks. sometimes it gets red. i really hate it. what can i do? should i use e45 cream? i already drink quite a lot of water and eat fruit and veges!! thanks

Itchy irrating skin on face!!! help??!!?
I wonder if you are have food allergy. No cream can do justice if you have allergy or either that your skin is too dry,

if that's the case, drink lots of water and use a good facial cream. I wonder if it could be windburn, if so, drink plenty of water and use facial cream with spf 15+. A good drink that's very absorptive is aloe vera. You can find this at the organic food market.

Hope this helps.

Itchy, crawling skin....?

My skin feels itchy all over my body, including my scalp. I have a few (4 or 5) bug bites (large welt-like) but they are *probably* just mosquito bites from being outside at night.

I checked all over my room and my bed and did not see anything as far as bugs. I have an indoor cat who doesn't appear to the naked eye to have fleas. I started taking Chantix on Monday to quit smoking... could it be just an allergic reaction to the medicine? It is not listed as one of the common side effects but I stopped taking them yesterday and feel a bit better....

Itchy, crawling skin....?
Bathe... your dirty.
Reply:it's the chantix.....common side effect. call your doctor.

good luck!
Reply:Check the FDA site for some info on Chantix,

It would be good to speak to your Doc, it might not be the Chantix.
Reply:Consult your doctor about the Chantix. For more Chantix information, click the following link:

Extremely Red, Itchy, Dry skin after tanning - how to treat?

I've been tanning 3 times in a high intensity sun bed called SunSport, using tanning lotion by Designer Skin and ever since, my skin on my back is VERY red, dry, and itchy. I keep applying lotion for dry skin every 30 minutes or so and it won't stop!!! What can I do?

Extremely Red, Itchy, Dry skin after tanning - how to treat?
First of all don't use a sun bed, they emit the same amound of UV rays as the midday sun! I find that aloe vera is great for itchy skin and sunburn. You can buy aloe vera gel at health food shops or better yet buy an aloe vera plant and break off parts of the plant and rub it on.
Reply:It's called UV allergy, quit using sunbeds, if u want to have nice tan do use some tanning lotions.
Reply:use some oil,
Reply:dont tan
Reply:It sounds like you're having an adverse reaction to the radiation of the tanning bed. You should put that off until you can heal properly first.
Reply:take a cold shower and then apply calamine lotion to it and stop tanning or it will never go away.
Reply:Well what you do is, to stop the irritation put Rooibos (Redbush) teabags in your bath, about 3 to 4 bags should do the trick. The only problem is I'm not sure if you get that kind of tea where you are? If not, put tea-tree oil on your back.
Reply:noxema will take away the pain and itch and moisturize your skin. slather it all over your burn.
Reply:don't use it. ur allergic to it, they say to try it on a small area of ur skin and leave for 48 to see results. so its easy to get rid of stop using that product. and next time apply to a small area and test it out first

bleeding heart

Itchy Dry Skin?

I'm 3 months pregnant, and my skin is sooo itchy. My stomach itches every once in awhile, but my arms and legs itch all the time! I scratch it and my skin looks like a lobster. My skin has also become very dried out. Is this a common thing during pregnancy?

Itchy Dry Skin?
Welcome to pregnancy! Yes, it is normal. It may changfe over the next few weeks or it may actually get worse. Just remember to moisturize everyday. I found a little secret at Bath and Body Works...get some body BUTTER...not just lotion or cream moisturizer...but BODY BUTTER. It is super thick and creamy and keeps you moisturized for almost the whole day without having to re- apply. You can get bosy butter at a local pharmacy or wal mart...but the ones at Bath and Body Works smell better and have lots of choices on scents.

Good luck and Congrats!
Reply:Just put a gentle lotion on your skin to cut out the itchy feeling. Go to the doc. if you think you should.
Reply:yes, use baby oil or some lotion with aloe, getting a humidifier could help hydrate your skin.
Reply:Drink water, lots of it. Your skin need hydration
Reply:yes that is very normal,and theres nothing much you can do about it,you can ask your doctor what to use for itching or i heard some people use cocoa skin is soo itchy too(im 39 weeks pregnant) that im having a hard time sleeping at night,but i found out that using a dry skin lotion helps me a little bit,and i know its hard but try not to itch because it will just make it worse
Reply:DON"T use baby oil it blocks oxygen from getting to your skin and makes things worse

The same thing happened to me, just find a good lotion

I like Renew by Melalueca
Reply:Palmer's coco butter. This will become your best friends during and after the pregnancy. I have been using this for 15 years and even more since I had a baby 5 months ago.
Reply:Yes! Generally it's a sign you are not drinking enough water. If you don't have enough fluid intake for you and the baby, your skin will start to dry up because your body is trying to get it from where ever it can. This happened to me with my first. Try to drink as much fluids as possible. In the mean time just apply lotion on the dry areas.
Reply:sorry to tell you this,,,,,but its stretching. when skin expands, it gets itchy.....try using shea butter lotion.
Reply:Palmer's coco butter is a lifesaver for your ever growing belly and I swear it cut back on my stretch marks - barely had any! Good luck!
Reply:it probably is a combination of both being pregnant and winter drying out your skin. i know thats how it is with me. like everyone else said, just lather on some lotion. its best to put it on right out of the shower since your pores are more open... i like jergens, its cheap but smells great and does its job!
Reply:yes it is normal. alot of pregnant women get dry/itchy skin while pregnant. but it is due to change in hormones. Every womans body will go through different changes while they are pregnant. my skin is really dry and itchy right now too and i am 8 months pregnant. i have had dry skin my whole pregnancy, but i also get it every winter. what i use for my skin is aveeno baby lotion with oatmeal ingredients in it. try that it helps clear my skin. i will use it sometimes once a week and it will keep my skin moisturized the rest of the week, and it wont itch.

Good Luck and i hop that helped ya!
Reply:if ur stomach is starting to strech then that could cause the itch.....if your not showing yet you will may want to maybe drink more water....stay hydrated...%26amp; cheek with your physcion. they may say use a lotion, but coconut butter is real good
Reply:please checkout as it may be more serious than you think.